About Pursuit Outfitters

Pursuit Outfitters is proud to be part of Noble county and the Caldwell community.  Pursuit Outfitters is a local outdoor hunting, shooting and fishing retail location.  We want to be where you go to get what you need for whatever you are after in the field.


  The shop is locally owned and operated by a group of veterans & businessmen, that live work, shoot, hunt, fish and serve the community.


Ed Lowe, owner and responsible for all daily activities, merchandise and financial matters of Pursuit Outfitters.   Retired from US Army after twenty-one years of service as Infantry Soldier and Special Forces Weapons Sergeant (18B). Ed has a Bachelor's degree in Home Land Security, a general studies Associates Degree and currently working on a Business Administration Degree.  Over the course of his career he has earned several awards, citations and volunteered to serve in some of the highest threat areas of the world.  After retiring from the military Ed was  a firearms and tactics instructor at Blackwater USA/US Training Center on several government program contracts. 


Ed's training and qualifications are as follows.

Professional Experience

Pursuit Outfitters and 3 Guns Shooting Sports  2018-Present

Leupold & Stevens, Tactical Optics, Promotional Staff 2012-Present

U.S. Training Center/Blackwater USA, Instructor 2008- 2011        

1st Special Warfare Training Group Senior Instructor, 2006-2008

5th Special Forces Group,  Weapons Sergeant, 1995-2006

101st Airborne Division 3/327th Infantryman, 1987-1994

Civilian Schools & Training

Peace Officer Basic Academy 2019

GunSite 223 course 2019

Glock Operator Course 2018

Glock Armorers Course 2018 

NRA Law Enforcement Tactical Shooting Instructor Course 2016

Dave Spalding Essentials of Pistol Combatives  2015

Emergency Operations Management & Operations FEMA IS -00775, 2015

NRA Active Threat (Shooter) Mitigation Seminar 2014

Telluric Night Vision Operator Instructor Course 2013

FBI Law Enforcement Officers Killed & Assaulted Seminar 2010

Shoot House Safety Officer Course 2010

USPSA Range Officer Course 2009

Mossberg Armors Course 2009

Victory Program Vetting 2009

Department of State “Basic Field Firearms Officer Course” (BFFOC) 2009

DPMS Panther Arms Certified Armorer Course 2009

Bushmasters AR15 Armors Course 2008

Dept. of State, Diplomatic Security Service, Advanced Room Entry Dec 2008

Crimson Trace Laser sighting device instructor’s course 2006

Grypon Group Mobile Security Course 2005

BSR Instructor Course 2005

NRA Certified Instructor Pistol, Personnel Protection, Home firearm Safety 2005

NRA Certified Instructor Law Enforcement Pistol & Shotgun 2005

Heckler & Koch Sub Machine Gun Operators Course 2005

NRA Range Operations & Development Conference 2005

SHD 36 Hour Tactical Carbine & Tactical Pistol 2004

CQB Inc. Shoot House Live Fire Safety Officer 2004

Tactical Explosive Entry School and Tactics Course (TEES) 2004

S.O.T.T. Tactical Instructors Course 2004

Mid South Institute of self Defense Small Arms Practical course 2002

Mid South Institute of self Defense Combat Pistol & Rifle Course 1997

Heckler & Koch Armors course 1995


Military Courses and Training

USJFKSWTC Instructor Training Course (ITC) 2007

Dynamics of International Terrorism Course 2005

DOD High Risk & Hostage Survival Course Oct 2002

Advance Noncommissioned Office Operations & Intelligence Course 2000

Special Forces Advanced Recon Target Analysis & Exploitation Technique Course 2000

Kuwait Air Marshal Service Basic Course 2000

Special Operations Target Interdiction Level I 1999

M240 Machine Gun Leaders Course 1998

Long Range Surveillance Leaders Course 1997

Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat Course 1997

Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape  1996

Special Operations Target Interdiction Level II 1996

U.S. Army Range School 1996

USAF Special Operations Middle East Orientation Course 1995

Special Forces Weapons Sergeant Course 1993

Jungle Operations Course 1992

Breach master course 1992

Combat Life Saver 1992

Unit Armor Course 1990

Air Assault Course 1989